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Screen reader not reading custom screen text for buttons, text objects (accessibility)


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I have a dynamic PDF I've designed in LiveCycle Designer ES. I'm struggling with accessibility issues with JAWS.

JAWS doesn't seem to be reading custom text at all -- just tool tips. If I don't have a tool tip, it reads the object caption even if I have custom text selected for the screen reader preference and custom screen reader text entered.

This is a problem for buttons (not radio buttons, just buttons). I have buttons on my form that:

* Give instructions about how to complete the form

* Allow a user to save the form to their computer

* Add or remove a row instance from a table

* Spell check

* Check mandatory fields

And a few other functions.

The caption for the button to show instructions about completing the form is "?" That's all JAWS reads -- question mark. The custom screen reader text says something like click this button for instructions on completing this form.

The caption for the save buttons is "Save." That's all JAWS reads, instead of "click this button to save the form on your computer."

The add row button caption is "+" and the custom screen reader text is "click this button to add a row after this one." JAWS reads "plus sign." The remove row button caption is "-" and the custom screen reader text is "click this button to remove the current row." JAWS reads "dash."

I have a button to display a digital signature field, and that one reads correctly because the caption is "display a digital signature field."

I tried adding spaces after the caption and then what I wanted as the screen reader text (for example, +      click this button ...) but it just screws up the display of the caption.

How can I get JAWS to read my preferred text for buttons?

I also have several "text" objects -- not text fields, but static objects -- that I would need JAWS to read. JAWS just skips those completely. There is no accessibility option for text objects in LiveCycle Designer.

I've used tables to design my form so I could get the layout of different objects lined up correctly. Table "roles" don't seem to make a difference, either. Where I can, I've designated header rows and headings, but that doesn't seem to make a difference either.

I see lots of Google results for people struggling with these issues, but no solutions. Suggestions?

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