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Row in table acting as a footer row even though it's not


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I have a form that is a series of 38 tables. Each table is wrapped in a subform. Each table has a header row and at least 4, but up 44 body rows. My problem is that on some (about a 1/3) of the tables the last row (that consists of a series of radio buttons and is also wrapped in a subform) is acting kind of like a footer, but one that always stays with the first group of 4 rows. I have tried everything I can think of and 1) there is no difference I can see between the tables that behave properly and the tables that don’t, and 2) I have tried many variations of deleting and adding back the offending row to no avail. The bad behaviour remains.


The offending row Pagination is set to:

Place - Following Previous,

Keep With – Previous

After – Continue Filling Parent


I have changed the Keep With to Next and blank with no change in behavior.  I’m attaching a picture so you can see that clicking on the radio button highlights buttons in two rows.



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