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renderPDFForm and AssignTask


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I have an issue while combining the renderPDFForm and AssignTask services.

The goal of the two LC processes i have made is

  1. request a form
  2. display it in a browser
  3. submit it using a browser
  4. assign a task in workspace
  5. open the submitted form in workspace and continue the process using an accept and reject at the bottom

The problem that occurs is that these accept and reject buttons do not appear in workspace (while i did use the form bridge and Document Form variable)

However, if a save my form as a pdf in Designer and feed it to the process using the invoke of Workbench, the accept and reject buttons do appear.

To illustrate my case if have added an lca and java files and a web.xml that i have used for my servlet that catches the form request and submit.

Do you what i am doing wrong, or what is missing in my solution?


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