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Reader 9 app.execMenuItem ("SaveAs") throw: The document could not be...


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I have a compatibility problem with Reader 9.

I have designed a PDF with Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.1. and a button, the JS code:


But if I use Reader 9, get the error message:

"The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (105)."  (if I use Reader 7 or 8 version works).

Why? How do I solve this?

Thank you!

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The script works for us. It could be at the file is not saved as dynamic (unlikely to be the problem) or that the form is not Reader Enabled from within Acrobat Standard/Pro/Pro Extended.

To do this open the form in the full version of Acrobat and go to the Advanced menu and select "Enable feature in Acrobat Reader". Note the restrictions.

We are using Acrobat Reader 9.1 and it works OK here.

Good luck,



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This tells me the command is working (it is trying to save) but that there is an issue with the file. Can you try and save it manually (using the file menu) and see if you get the same result.



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Hi guys

Exactly, if you save from the standard menu options (File > SaveAs) gives exactly the same error.

After giving the error, if I try to save again it saves correctly!

Step by step, the process:

1. Download the PDF of a web application.
2. IE download process question if: Open? or Save? document.
3. Choose Open.
4. In Reader (or Acrobat) 9 go to File> SaveAs -> and click on "save" produces the error.

What does the message: "There was a problem reading this document (105)."?

Why occurs only with version 9 of Acrobat or Reader?

Add an image of the  case described, to illustrate it better:


Document properties:


Certainly it is very hard to work with this Adobe technology... not control what happens within Acrobat / Reader and errors arise "unexplained" or seemingly meaningless.

Each new version is a real headache


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Hello again

I've done more testing and I found the case in which the error occurs!

Only occurs if and only if some form field is filled... regardless of what field you choose to fill, the form throws an error when saving.

Conversely, if you save directly (without editing) works well.

I have also tried to create a new blank form (with a label and a text field) ... and I have added to the system.
The bad news is that in this case (simple form) does not fail, it works well in all cases.

And I still do not understand why it fails in the other case.

Any idea?


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Are you using Reader? Did you Reader Extend the form in Acrobat to allow you to save (saving a filled form is not normal functionality for Reader without extending it).



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Hi Paul

The error occurs both with Acrobat and Reader.

If you look at the 1st picture (above), you will see that the PDF has been extended (with ReaderExtensions), which allows customers to use Reader to fill the form.


Any other idea?


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I was able to determine that the error occurs only when:

1. The PDF is extended with Adobe ReaderExtensions (7.2 in this case).

2. Introduces some value in the PDF.

If you follow the two steps, and after go file menu and save (File> SaveAs), the error occurs.

If I omit extends PDF (ReaderExtensions)  the form (and uses Acrobat to fill and save), this does not happen.

Note: The attached PDF is allready extended, only need fill text field and try save!

But ... Why does this happen?


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I understand that it is wrong to solve complex, as happens in very special circumstances.

I still can not solve the problem ... Does anyone have any idea?


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This problem can be solved following these steps:

- Open the PDF in Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 (Version 9.0.0)

- LiveCycle warns that some usage rights have been applied to the form and that they will be removed.

- Save the PDF in Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2

- Open the form in Adobe Acrobat X Pro (version 10.1.13) and save as Reader Extended PDF option “Enable Additional Features”.

Behavior is now without error in Adobe Reader XI (version 11.0.10).


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This issue was open six years ago!

And no , I never knew the cause of the problem.