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Read Out Loud


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I have been making Accessible Forms with Acrobat for a few years. I am fairly new to LCD.

I have a PDF form designed in LCD ES4. I applied roles to the lists and headings, associated table headers and cells, added tooltips or custom text etc.

For generating Accessible Tags, I used the Form Properties Save Option.

I know you cant edit LCD forms with Acrobat, or use the touch up reading order tool etc.

When I look at the properties in Acrobat it says the PDF is NOT tagged.

Read Out Loud just says Warning Empty page.

I am using the Read Out Loud from Acrobat XI.

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Level 1

I also got a warning about an empty page and a pdf that could not be Read Out Loud. I just discovered that en dashes (option-hyphen), ellipses (...) and apostrophes seem to break the Read Out Loud feature. If I change the en dash to a regular hyphen, the ellipsis to three periods, and the proper typographic apostrophe to a prime (i.e. turn off smart quotes), then Read Out Loud seems to work. What these three characters all have in common is that they all use the option key whey you type them (on a Mac). I hope there is a fix for this. I do not wish to compromise the "traditional" layout to accommodate the accessible version.