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"Un-Distribute" LiveCycle ES2 Form & Remove Adobe "Submit Form" Button


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I've created a couple of dynamic forms in LiveCycle ES2 that will be  completed by users who all have Reader 8.2.2.  I have Adobe Acrobat Pro  X, and am the only person on my team with anything other than Reader  8.2.2.
We wanted to be able to use one of the various submit features to route  and track form responses, so I tried several different approaches in my  forms.  After lots of research I still haven't figured out how to get  any submit buttons or tracking to work the way I envisioned.  At this  point I'd like to just give up on using any of the automated submit or  distribution feature, and instead just save the LiveCycle dynamic form  as a reader-enabled PDF file, upload the PDF into a SharePoint library  that the form users can access (just like I'd upload any regular PDF  document -- i.e., without using any Adobe or LiveCycle form features  like "publish to repository" or anything like that).  Then I could just  instruct users to open the reader-enabled form in Reader 8.2.2 by  clicking on the doc name in the SharePoint library, complete the form,  save the completed copy to their hard drive, and attach a copy to an  e-mail that they can send to the appropriate recipients -- just like  they'd attach any file to an email.  They'll probably find this  "old-fashioned" approach simpler anyway and would never even miss having  a "submit" button.  The huge disadvantage, of course, will be my  inability to track responses, but I can't hold up the use of these forms  until I can figure that out.  I've read this article (and the articles  linked within it) and am afraid I'm just too much of a novice at this  point to understand:  http://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/form-submit-e-mail-demystified.
SPECIFIC QUESTION:  After all of my experimenting with submit features,  my forms are now all gunked up with XML code that I want to get rid of,  and I'm not sure how to do that.  The residual code is causing an error  message when the form is opened in Reader that points to line 1690 of  the XML code, which is the line containing the URL of one of the  SharePoint libraries I was trying to submit the form to before I  realized I was in over my head (preceded by: adhocwf:destUrl in the  excerpt pasted below).  Can I just delete the URL, so that there's  nothing between adhocwf:destUrl and  adhocwf:destUrl?  Or do I delete  more than just that "event" (if that's what you call it)?  When the form  is opened by me in Adobe Pro X, I get an error message that the form is  part of a workflow, which I'd also like to get rid of.
Long story short, is there a way to UN-DISTRIBUTE the forms so I can get  rid of the Submit Form button that appears next to the "Highlight Form  Fields" button in Reader (or Adobe Pro), and so I can prevent  distribution and workflow-related error messages from occurring?  If  yes, and if it can only be done by altering the XML code directly,  EXACTLY what parts do I delete or change to wipe the form clean of these  "ties" to that particular SharePoint site, response file, and initiator  address?  For the Submit Button, so I delete the entire "event" that  begins and ends with adhocwf:submitButtonInfo?
Here's the XML code excerpt containing the line referenced in the Reader  error message (line 1690, which would be the line beginning  adhocwf:destUrl) -- I replaced the "<" marks with "[" so everything  would show up, which didn't really work, but hopefully this is enough to  get the gist:
[rdf:Description xmlns:adhocwf="http://ns.adobe.com/AcrobatAdhocWorkflow/1.0/" rdf:about=""]
[adhocwf:dataSetName]Sample Form Name_responses_0001.pdf[/adhocwf:dataSetName]
[rdf:Description xmlns:desc="http://ns.adobe.com/xfa/promoted-desc/" rdf:about=""]
[desc:version rdf:parseType="Resource"]
[desc:contact rdf:parseType="Resource"]
[rdf:value]John Doe[/rdf:value]
[desc:department rdf:parseType="Resource"]
[rdf:value]Sample Department[/rdf:value]
[xfdf xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/xfdf/" xml:space="preserve"]
Any advice would be much appreciated.  I just need to take a step back  and make this simple.  Unfortunately the forms must be done in LiveCycle  vs. AcroForms because we need them to be dynamic -- they have  repeatable fields.  The forms must also be reader-enabled, which I know  how to do via "save as" in Adobe Pro.  But I want to strip the forms of  any residual code relating to distribution or submit buttons or being  published to a server or repository or whatever.
Alternatively please advise if you know of a VERY simple step-by-step  guide on how to get the tracking feature to work with a SharePoint site  (i.e., so that the response file can be posted on SharePoint so it's  accessible to other parties besides me, keeping in mind that these other  parties will only have Reader installed).  I have lots of SharePoint  libraries with assigned email addresses that could be used if that would  help.  I wouldn't be allowed to use adobe.com or a shared network drive  because of various elaborate (and often nonsensical) security protocols  at my company.  SharePoint is wide open, however.

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Here is the dirty solution I used:

Published blank page from MS Office to PDF

Opened my form in LS Designer

Opened the blank page in LS Designer

Copied all of the fields from the form to the form to the blank page.

No more Submit button.