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problem sending xml to soap webservice


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I'm having a problem sending xml-data to a soap-webservice.

When I use a Dataconnection to the service and use the regular invoke-button to submit the form everything works fine. But when I try the same with javascript it just won't work.

The reason why I can't use the Dataconnection is because the webservice requires authentication and I cannot find a way to 'embed' the user name and password into the dataconnection, the username and password for the webservice is always asked with a pop-up to the pdf-form user and we don't want that.

In attachment there are three sreenshots. xmlOnSAP_OK shows how the reaches the webservice when I use the Dataconnection, the data is ok in this case.

The xmlOnSAP_NOK shows how it reaches the webservice with javascript. The problem here is that the entire xml-data is interpreted as a flat string instead of xml-data.

The Capture.jpg shows how the data bindings for the Dataconnection look like in Designer.

Below is the script that I use to invoke the webservice:

SOAP.wireDump = false;
var vWSDLFile = "http://localhost:9090/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?channel=:Z_CM_Admission:Z_CM_Admission&version=3.0&Sender.Service=Z_CM_Admission&Interface=http%3A%2F%2Fwebservice.kuleuven.be%2FToelatingStudenten%5EToelatingStudenten_OUT";
var tmpRequest = webservices.cleanXML("" + xfa.datasets.data.saveXML());

var vRequest = {ToelatingStudenten_MT: tmpRequest};

var vNamespace = "http://webservice.kuleuven.be/ToelatingStudenten";
var vAuthentication =
Username: "xxx",
Password: "xxx"
var vResponse = SOAP.request (
cURL: vWSDLFile ,
oRequest: vRequest,
bEncoded: false,
oAuthenticate: vAuthentication

Does anybody have an idea what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance and kind regards.


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