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Postal address disappearing after fill up (file attached)


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I was trying to make postal address section which can be copied from the residential address field, but when I fill up postal address alone, datas keeps dissapearing. How can I solve this issue (file attached).

This sample provided from this link previously https://acrobat.com/#d=y-nnwhzjdB8B8syocURC1w

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The exit event on the postal address postal code calls the click event on the check box "duplicateAddress".

// form1.page1.address4b::exit - (JavaScript, client)

// fire script in checkbox


// form1.page1.duplicateAddress::click - (JavaScript, client)

if (this.rawValue == 1)


  address1b.rawValue = address1a.rawValue;

  address2b.rawValue = address2a.rawValue;

  address3b.rawValue = address3a.rawValue;

  address4b.rawValue = address4a.rawValue;




  address1b.rawValue = null;

  address2b.rawValue = null;

  address3b.rawValue = null;

  address4b.rawValue = null;


If "duplicateAddress" has not been selected its off value is 0 (zero) so it resets all the postal address fields.