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Post Data to Excel


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Hi Everyone,

I would like to have a button on a form that sends the xml data to a spreadsheet. I would also like to be able to use a button to send the data to another form.

please note...I do not want to simply generate an xml file. I already know how to do that. Instead, I want to be able to send the data right into the spreadsheet or the form.

Let's suppose that the first form, the second form, and the spreadsheet are all on my local hard drive and in the same folder. The first form is enabled and open in Acrobat. I fill it out and then click the button. Then I open the spreadsheet in Excel and see the data. Then I open the second form in Acrobat and see the data. That's the scenario. I am just trying to grasp the concepts and the mechanics for now. Later on I will apply this to a more sophisticated project.

How do I code the button?

Many thanks,


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For the data exchange between two XFA-forms you should check out this example.


For the connection to an excel spreadsheet you will have to setup a ODBC connection to this file.