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Performance drop with latest updates - 11.0.22


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Hi there,

I'm managing IT system, where one of the components requires data capturing and exchange with use of interactive PDF document (+- 150 fields with complex, custom validation, XFA, java script, XML etc.)

Till the latest updates the performance of our PDF document in Acrobat Reader 11 was reasonable. Data validation or inserting the repetitive sections, depending on the scope (full form, section etc.) required on average between 5-30 seconds (or even less when run in Acrobat Professional 11).

The same operations when executed with Acrobat Reader 11.0.22 take 5-6 times longer (user may have impression the application hangs).

To give you the full picture, we never decided to use Acrobat DC, because this edition of Adobe software, from the very beginning, performed poorly.

Could software engineering team step in to explain the reasons of such a substantial decrease of the performance in 11.0.22 and in DC (specifically when it comes to quite extensive use of java script inside of the form).

What tools could we use to identify bottlenecks/pieces of code that require optimisation on our side?

Thanks for feedback.

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after update 11.0.21 I could not open some files.

I had decided to download installer with 11.0.7. Now I monitor situation.

So it seems I have to wait for next update after 11.0.22.