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PDF/A issue


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Hi everybody,

we're having a problem with a customer scenario that we can't seem to sort out: We are implementing a complex user-centric workflow (products: Forms, Reader Extensions, Output, Process Management). For reporting purposes, the customer needs a flat PDF copy of every PDF form that any user submits during the workflow.

The logical idea seems to be to convert every submitted PDF to PDF/A, which would be nice for archiving purposes as well. However, it seems like that some state information gets lost during conversion.

Example: A user is filling in a dynamic PDF form, including displaying/hiding subforms and so on. If this PDF gets saved and submitted, the plan is to have a modified submit service to take the PDF, convert it to PDF/A or alternatively flatten it using Assembler etc.

The dynamic changes done by the user are retained in the PDF which gets submitted. However, any service operation we are trying to use on this PDF seems to reset any state information, in fact it looks like the whole form is re-rendered on each respective call, resulting in the loss of state information. This applies to Output, Assembler and Forms.

Does anyone know a way how to achieve what we want?

Thank you very much,


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