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Page orientation (portrait and landscape) in LiveCycle


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Good morning. I have a question concerning page orientation. I am new to using LiveCycle and working on my first document.

I built my document in MS Word (lots of tables). Then I converted to PDF to import in LifeCycle. So far so good. With that said, my first page (cover page) is "portrait" and displays fine, but all other pages (about 11 in total) are landscape to better display my tables.

However, when I imported the PDF into LiveCycle, the landscape pages get cut off on the right edge so I cannot see the full table and add objects (text fields, radio buttons, etc.) into my tables. When I select the Preview PDF tab it displays fine though. How do I make everything from page 2 on display in the Design View tab so I can add my objects and the page doesn't get cut off?

I hope I explained my dilemma well enough. Thank you


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In LiveCycle designer you have a master page that governs the orientation.

In your case, apparently you need 2 master pages. 1 which is potrait and other which is landscape.

Both the master pages will have a content area defined in them, which refers to the region within which content can be placed.

Let's say C1 is the content area for portrait master page and C2 is for landscape master page.

Then go to your actual content pages/subforms and review their pagination menu.

Make sure that your first page is placed in content area C1 , while all remaining pages are placed in content area C2.