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Not embed fonts saving as pdf


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Hi everyone

Just a quick question.. before I start to dig myself.

We save our LC design forms in the source format .xdp. When we publish them we select File > saveAs and choose dynamic pdf.

but LC designer will always embed fonts in the pdf. We have to open our pdf in LC designer a remove 'embed font' under File > Form properties (this can only be fone to a pdf, so we need an additional save as ZZZZZZZ).


Anyone have solution on setting LC designer ud to not embed fonts when saving and xdp to dynamic pdf? is the a config file or registry setting to edit?

help is very welcome


Thomas Groenbaek, Form Expert

Jyske Bank

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hi Jyske,

What you can do is to add the following line in the .tds (template) files that Livecycle uses:

<?templateDesigner SavePDFWithEmbeddedFonts 0?>

and this just before the closing </template> element in the xml source.

You find these templates in the <Livecycle Designer Installation folder>\EN\Templates