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Nested table - how to stick a nested head row with first dynamic row together?


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I have an issue regarding the layout of my PDF. I did make a form for inserting pictures into a nested table (kind of a report) so for each issue I have a dynamic table, but for each picture I have a dynamic nested table as well.

My question is now: How can I make sure the nested header is on the right page (see pic)?

Thanks in advance!

The subforms are the plus / minus buttons.


Below marked see the nested table for Pictures that can be dynamically expanded.


Below see marked the table for each issue with head row. The nested table for pics was necessary since i wanted the notes to grow one big notes window and not several small ones. The header in this table makes the problems (see below).


Below see marked the whole table with repeating head row and dynamic text row.


See page 1


See page 2 -> I want the head row for no. 2 on page 2 as well -.-



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I'd really appreciate any form of help...

Frustration is already 100%, tried different things, but nothing helped. I'm just a beginner so I wasn't able to make a working conditional break.

Thanks in advance,



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Have you specified that it is a Header Row?

Click the row in the Hierarchy


In the Object Properties, change type to Header Row


On the Pagination Tab, check how these checkboxes are set


Might need a bit of playing around with the settings to make it play nice with the instances


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Yeah I made it a head row. My problem is here that I can only click pagination at the first table ("Tabelle 4"), so I can't edit anything for the other tables. I already tried to play a little bit around, but nothing worked.

1447526_pastedImage_1.png  1447534_pastedImage_9.png

This are the only settings for "Tabelle 5" that I can edit.

1447527_pastedImage_2.png 1447528_pastedImage_3.png

However, I did specify the header row as header row. U got any ideas how to deal with that? Thanks for your effort.

BR, Markus

1447532_pastedImage_4.png 1447533_pastedImage_5.png


Level 7


Not sure what you can do there. It could be a limitation in LCD. I have come across some before.