Multiple repeating subforms appearing in sequence of selection, not grouped.



Hi all, I have a problem with repeating subforms. On my form I have multiple subforms that I want to have the option of repeating via buttons. The problem it seems is I want them to appear on the form in the sequence in which the buttons were pressed and not appearing in groups (eg. subform A, subform B, subform A, NOT subform A, subform A, subform B)

For example:

- subform A

- subform B

- subform C

Press subform A button (linked to Action "Add new instance of subform A") which makes that subform appear.

Then do the same for subform B.

Then if you want another subform A to appear I want it to appear in sequence of those selected (eg. subform A, subform B, subform A), not subform A, subform A, subform B.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

I think your best option would be having each of those subforms inside a subform...

When an instance of any of those subform are added, add the parent's instance subform and hide/show the right subforms you wanted to add instances


Hope this help!

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