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Multi-page Guide with PDF


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Hi all,

I have a requirement within my LiveCycle application to have a Guide available within Workspace which allows a user to do the following:

1. Enter a selection of search criteria (eg. Person ID Number, Provider Name, Date, etc

2. This criteria is used to return a list of records from my database which match the specified criteria (eg. a search function)

3. When the user selects one of the records from the list, a LC process will retrieve all of the data and present the XFA form within the guide (as a read-only document-of-record)

A similar process does step 1 and 3 but only provides limited functionality in that only the oldest record will be returned. The project's requirements have now changed and a person can now have multiple services provided by the same provider so we need to inject Step 2 into the process.

I was thinking of something along the lines of a multi-page Guide with the first page allowing the user to enter the search criteria, submitting (or running a web service?) to get the list of matching records, display in a grid or repeating group on the second page, and then when the user selects a row, submit the guide (again?) to the process which would retrieve all of the data and generate the xfa form, which would be returned in the final guide panel.

I am unsure whether we can have two "submits", or if we could have a Flex-based Workspace app initiate the process and possibly have the guide pop up in the middle with the list, from which the user then submits the guide and is presented with the form.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

I am running LiveCycle ES 2.5.

Owen West


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