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Making PDF read only and editable


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I have a pdf which when submitted by the user goes to the documentum server and later we retrieve it.

The question is: when the user submits it it should become read only and while retrieving back it should become editable.

Is there any code i can write on the client side to make it happen?

Note: Form contains lot of fields, subforms,  hidden fields, dynamic features in it so it is not possible to access every field make it (this.access="readOnly" or "open"). Is there any generic method to access all the fields at one go? or pls suggest an alternative to achieve this.


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You can create a function in the form that wil retrieve each field and lock it (I have included a sample that does this). You can create the reverse function that will unlock the fields as well. The issue will be coming up with a solution that will trigger an event in the form when the user reads the file from documentum.