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Making a sub-form's all readonly numeric fields "open" based on a dropdown selection


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Dear All, Hello,

I have designed a 2 page pdf form on LiveCycle ES8.2 which consists of many subforms and at the beginning of the first page there is dropdown list.

I want to make all 14 readonly numeric fields under a subform called VoyageAverage "open" (writable) and turn the fill color to "white" or "empty" - when the user selects "Arrival" from the dropdown list called "ReportType" at the beginning of the first page.

When the user selects nothing or the other fields, the subform fields should stay gray and readonly.

This is my first step, if anyone helps me figure this script out. I will try to make the same thing for the "Departure" selection from the dropdown list and it will make the subform "PortActivities" - access - open

I have attached the draft tds work from my design. I believe I should insert the script under the change event of the "ReportType" dropdown list, but I cannot seem to address the target fields under the subform "VoyageAverage"

I have tried many scripts, received too many errors and finally gave up.

Can anyone please help me understand this. Thank you so much.

Dropbox - ReportingFormTemplate_Ver-2.0.tds

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