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Mailto: hyperlink opens both a new email message and a new browser window/tab


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The subject line sums it up.  I have  form with email hyperlinks, which work fine except that when you click on them they seem to open both a new message in the registered email client, AND a new window/tab in the default web browser.

I prefer using mailto: hyperlinks instead of some other hack to open a new email message.

Does anyone know of a way to get these to work without a new browser tab/window being opened?



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Mine is doing the same thing. Did you ever find a solution? I know my default protocol and programs are set to open an outlook message with any MAILTO command. In any other program, the mailto works fine, just Acrobat is messing up.


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It's an aleady known but unfixed bug of Acrobat/Reader.

Create a bug report so Adobe may fix this in the future.

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I'm having the same issue right now, I'm developing forms for an entire department and have been successfully using this hyperlink email for the last 5 years without issues... what is going on ???? im using same version as OP and I need a fix please