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Livecycle Workbench Deploy and .lca extraction failure


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Hi I'm developing my workflows on Workbench 6 and I have three different issue:

- I cannot deploy a new version of my project (3.4) with some changes because I get this error:  the command did not complete. The command requires a connection with a Forms Server . It sounds strange to me since I'm logged in the workbench with a Forms Server Connection. 


- I cannot extract the .lca file of the project. The extraction starts, but when it is close to the end, the loading bar disappear without finish the process.


- Finally I cannot install new version of custom component on workbench. I have the 3.3 version of my component and I want to install the 3.4 and the only difference between them is the version. I stop the installed one then i unistall it and wehn i try to install the new one the loading bar appear just for one second and then, as the previous point, disappear.

In the log file there is nothing regarding this. I try also to rise memory space of workspace in the config file. 

Does anyone have any idea on what is or are the problems?

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