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Livecycle on Websphere 6.1--configuring SSL problem


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I have installed and set up adobe livecycle es 8.2 on websphere on an AIX platform.  I'm on page 27 of the Administering Livecycle ES guide but have hit a brick wall in regards to the SSL implementation part.

I have an existing websphere DMGR console that i have security enabled on.  The first parts of the document are not at all what I have already set up and have working and would undo some of my current settings.  I browse through to step 25 and its now saying I should be logging into my admin console with the username and password I set up in step 2

NO.. I already have security enabled and have a login and password set up that I use.

It appears that the documentation for this part of the guide is not correct for websphere 6.1 and wants me to overwrite my current security settings

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Configuring SSL is a purely WebSphere Application Server (AS) administrative task.

Although LiveCycle's documentation provides you with instructions on how to configure WebSphere AS for SSL, it is better if it is done based on your IT shop's WebSphere security policies.  This is because in many cases, Adobe's instructions might run counter to your IT organization's procedures.

Also, verify that SSL works by using a non-LiveCycle application so that LiveCycle is kept out off the picture while SSL is being configured.

If configured properly, http://server:port/adminui should work as well as https://server:port/adminui.