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LiveCycle ES2 Expandable Table Problems


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Hello. This is my first post and I really need help!

I was asked by a coworker if I could make a section in a form expandable. I said yes thinking that I surely would be able to figure this out!

I'm using LiveCycle ES2...

My form has a few sections - the title, date, contract #, etc. on top

Second section is a yes/no check with a small table of 4 lines that does NOT need to be expandable

Third section is the same as second

Fourth section... this is where my problems begin!

      This is where I want to have a table with an "add" button. I don't know how to make the table expandable without changing all of the subforms to flowable, which messes up the layout of the above sections. I don't have the option to apply the "repeat table for each Data Item" - it is greyed out.

There will also be one section under the above that doesn't need to be expandable, and then a signature block.

How do I make just the one section expandable? Also how do I make it move everything down when a line is inserted?

Thank you in advance for anyone's help. It is greatly appreciated! Please let me know if more info is needed.

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I can send you a working module if you email me at: