LiveCycle and E-sign Integration

KB41786 11-08-2015

I am having the hardest time figuring out how to get a LiveCycle form into E-sign/EchoSign.   If I try to upload a LiveCycle-created form into E-sign, the document is never uploaded; E-sign acts like it uploads the document, but it just renders a one-page document with an error that the document cannot be viewed.  In my hours of research on the topic, I have found the statement that "LiveCycle and EchoSign integrated seamlessly."  What gives?  Can a LiveCycle form be placed into E-sign?

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KB41786 13-08-2015

Thanks Sid, Yeah we've tried this a few different ways, with the static form as you said and with different browsers.

I have found contradictory Adobe whitepapers on the integration of these two pieces of software:

  -  A whitepaper on LiveCycle and EchoSign says:  "LiveCycle and EchoSign integrate seamlessly" (see the third paragraph on page 1), however

  -  A whitepaper on EchoSign says:  "EchoSign does not support forms created with Adobe LiveCycle Designer" (see the Note on page two).

I want to keep working on it and I appreciate any information, but at this point I don't think these two pieces of Adobe software, which should work hand-in-hand, are compatible.

I guess it is my fault for assuming that two programs, made by the same company, one which makes forms and the other which is for executing forms, would work together.

_Sid_ 13-08-2015

It looks like once you upload the form, it;s trying to render the view for you, and the tool bars around the page sure make it look like it's an official Adobe Acrobat or Reader plugin that's at work. But we can never be too sure, can you check the browser settings and see if the Adobe plugin is active. the browser's own PDF plugin might not work with XFA based forms.  The message you see is pretty common when an XFA based PDF is opened in browser with browser's in built plugin.


Can you do this, : Go back to designer and this time try to save your form as a static PDF, this would still keep your form interactive, just not flowable, if you have fields of that kind. I'm not really from the Echosign team, but i;m pretty sure i've had this working in the past.

I'm not really an Echosign pro, but i found another post discussing similar subject:No XFA Form Support?!

KB41786 12-08-2015

Hey Sid, below is what is displayed when I try to upload a LiveCycle form to E-sign/EchoSign.  Though utterly ridiculous, it appears that LiveCycle and E-sign are not compatible.  The only reason I bought LiveCycle was to create forms that I needed to send for digital signature.  It is ridiculous that the sophisticated forms creation software can't create forms that can be sent via E-sign.


_Sid_ 12-08-2015

first question: are you uploading an XDP or PDF ?

Echosign would not work with XDP.

Secondly, when you upload the document, if you are trying to view that in chrome, you might not be able do that due to chrome not supporting Acrobat/Reader plugins in latest release.

can you share a screenshot of the message you get ?