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LCCS Recording - multiple playback of SharedWhiteBoard


Level 4


Is there a proper way to reset the SharedWhiteBoard component between 2 different recordings?

My specs:

Mac 10.6

LCCS 1.5 + FP10.0

Steps to reproduce:

1) Record 2 sessions

2) Playback session1, SharedWhiteBoard plays my scribbles

3) Playback session2, SharedWhiteBoard doesn't repload the same way the audio/video replays

There's a ASDoc on SharedWhiteBoard.connectSession - "The IConnectSession with which this component is associated.     Note that this may only be set once before subscribe() is called; re-sessioning of components is not supported.     Defaults to the first IConnectSession created in the application."

Does this mean playback won't work since I'm resetting the ConnectSession with the 2nd recording ?


Alex G.

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Level 4

Ooops one important note:

I do not reload the SWF, I keep it going by selecting a different recording from webday and hit play... the code ( slightly modified sampleApp that you guys provide ) does the following to try to initialize: