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Keeping Subform On Specific Page


Level 2

I have a 4 page form containg multiple subforms.

The form contains buttons for increasing/decreasing the instances of certain subforms - when these are clicked, this will of course will affect the location on the form of the subforms-move them further down. 

I have a whole page subform in the middle of the form and that I want to stay in the same place -  always be page 2

- even if someone increases the number of subforms prior to it in the hierarchy.  If a button is clicked which increases the # of instances of a subform, prior to the whole page subform in the hierarchy, I want the whole page subform to stay in place, and the form adjust around it.

Is there a way to do this?  Can clarify the above if needed.  Thank you for suggestions.

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Level 10

if you use :

xfa.layout.page(Reference_Syntax.SubformX); //it returns the page number which the subform appears on

If you want to keep it in page 2, make sure once it gets in page 3 that you reposition the subform in page 2 at all time


Level 10

If the subform you want to keep in page 2 is a multiple instance of this subform, you can use moveInstance(7, 2); to change where you want your subform to appear


Level 2

Thanks a lot for the replies.  I am thinking over your replies to see if they help me.  

To clarify my original post, I want the page 2 to stay intact with the information on it (I called page 2 a subform, but I may have confused things by calling it that.  The information on page two will always be the same). 

The instances of the subform on page one can be increased using buttons.  When they are increased, and go over the first page, I want them to go on to page three, and not move the information on the second page.


Level 10

Oh.. okay well you need at least three different Content Area e.g. Page1 & Page2 & Page3

And at least 3 different pages to hold your form objects

Once you have this set up, click on your Page1 form in your hierarchy,

In the Object Palette, go in Pagination.

In Pagination you see Place: set it to your content area Page1

a little more down you see Overflow: click, Go To Page : Page3

Now in your hierarchy, click Page2 form

In the Object Palette, in Pagination, Place: set it to your content area Page2