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In SAP GUI, Tcode SFP, How to hide a master page.


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I have two master pages : MAIN & TNC. One contains the data ( MAIN ) and another ( TNC ) contains Terms and conditions. I have requirement to suppress/hide TNC master page for a specific Sales Org. I have to use this form for Printing as well as Email. I have tried some suggestions from internet but it isn't working for me. 


Please let me know :

-In which data node shall i place my JavaScript/FormCalc code to use the Presence property to hide the TNC master page.

-Is there any other way to achieve this ?


One more thing, Even if i want to change the presence property of TNC master page from the OBJECT pallette, it doesnt let me change it to hidden

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Solved it. one solution on internet worked. In TNC master page, Created a content (ContentTNC) and in design page created a subform ( SF_TNC ). Go to Pagination of SF_TNC, Placed at: ContentTNC. Add Script to SF_TNC init event. Use SF_TNC.presence = "hidden" when your sales org condition is *****.