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Importing Images w/ Transparent Areas


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Hi Folks,

I'm working on creating a form and I am creating graphics for layout.  I am using Illustrator CS3 to create them, but when I try the various formats of files, I cannot get them to display properly in Designer ES2.

EPS - The CMYK color in ES2 is much different than my Illustrator colour

TIFF - According to the help doesn't support CMYK?

"Designer ES2 supports Monochrome (1 color component 1-bit depth), Greyscale (1 color component 8-bit depth), RGB (3 color components 8-bit depth), and Palette (1 color component 1,2,4,8-bit depths) TIF images. "

PNG - It is not including my transparent areas

JPG - Does not support transparency

BMP - Does not support CMYK and transparency

GIF - Does not support CMYK

Anyone been able to find a good format that supports CMYK and transparency?


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Hi Scott,

I have used PNG, but you need to save them for 'web & devices' in Photoshop. Illustrator CS4 also has a 'save for web& devices' as well. Not sure about CS3.

This is the only way I know of getting CMYK (or RGB) images with transparencies into LC designer.

Good luck,



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When saving to web & images, you must select PNG 8-bit for it to work.

Sample here: https://acrobat.com/#d=l97EOha0PILOh82BO68Pqg

Good luck,