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If/else if/else syntax question


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I am trying to write a (java) script where the value of the field would be determined by the value of another field.  For instance, if field1 is less than or equal to 50000, then 0 would be in field2,...else if field 1 is greater than or equal to 100000, then 0 would be in field 2....else field2 would be a calculated field (Field1*20/1000).

The actual script I used is:

if (RenoCost <= 50000)

{NumericField3 =="0"


else if (RenoCost >= 100000)

{NumericField3 == "0"




NumericField3 == "RenoCost*23/1000




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You are mixing things up here

First of all, assignment of values in JS is done with a single =, not with 2.  So, your NumericField3 == "0" is a logical expression, not an assignment.

Second, RenoCost and NumericField3 are objects.  You must ask for the value of the object using object.rawValue.

So, what I would do is this:

In the calculate event of NumericField3

var reno = (0 + RenoCost.rawValue) // rawValue returns a string

var calcValue = 0

if ( reno > 50000 && reno < 100000 ) {

  calcValue = reno * 23 / 100 ;


// this last line tells the event what to put in the field, it looks a bit weird, but that is the way to do it in the calculate event, the last line is just a value/variable