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How to open multiple instance of Adobe Live Cycle Designer ES 8.2


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  How do I open multiple instance of Adobe Live Cycle Designer ES 8.2. I have two forms and I need to compare them. Another situation is I want to correct/copy the contents by keeping the old and new one under the view simultaneously. I also want to take advantage of multiple monitors

The MDI style windows with Ctl+Tab to switch between documents is not helping me in the context explained above

   adobe Acrobat work on multi instance if I type acrobat.exe /n;

but if I type "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Designer 8.2\FormDesigner.exe" /n;, its just opening the existing livecycle instance

please help

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I don't think you can run two instances.

But you can stretch the main application window across both monitors and tile the two documents inside the main window.


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oh, that was unfortunate that we can't open multiple instances of livecycle. we can

stretch but we cannot use the keyboard shortcuts on two windows similar to two SDI's