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How to get two buttons to work doing different actions in a table LiveCycle ES3?


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Hi There-

I am very new at this but have created a document for treatment planning for mental health services.  The form has a table for "areas of mental health impairments" (which can be multiple) and a nested table within this table that has a place to add "goals and objectives".  There can be multiple "objectives" under an area of impairment and therefore I created a button to "add an objective" and used the action builder to add a row. I also added a button to remove the row.  Finally, there can be more then one area of impairment and I added a button to add another table.

What happens when I add the buttons (4 in total- to add/ remove an "objective" or a row and to add/remove and "area of impairment" or table), even though I am building in different actions in action builder for each button and each button has a different name, the buttons all seems to create the last action I built.  For example, if the last action I built was to remove a table, when I click the add an objective button, it will remove a table.  I then go back to the action builder and notice that the action has defaulted to the last one I had done.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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