how do you make a fill-able form non editable after distribution

satyai55913910 20-08-2015


I am new to Adobe development. I have a requirement for a fill-able form. There is a Send Email Button at the bottom.

Once user fills the form and clicks the send email button it will be dispatched to the email recipients mentioned in the Email Address column.

The main requirement is - The recipients should not see (invisible) the Send Email Button at the bottom.


All the fields should be protected.

Any help is appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi there again,

Within LiveCycle Designer, to create a Script Object you need the Hierarchy Palette open.

In the Hierarchy Palette right click on the top most subform (form1) and click Insert Script Object.

Rename the Script Object for xfaSubmit, in that Script Object insert the function setAccessField() mentioned above.

Instead of using the Submit button by default in LiveCycle Designer, use a normal button.

This won't be acting as a validating button, so if you want to validate your form before submitting the form you will have to create your own validation..

In the button, you will have to call the setAccessField() function like this

then, once this is done you will want to send the email using the reference I sent you, you will have to put this code below the setAccessField() function in the submit button you have created

it should look like this:

Hope this help!

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

satyai55913910 24-08-2015

Thanks a lot. I have implemented both - making the form read only and Sending the form as PDF document by email as an attachment.

I also made the Submit button invisible with an if condition by placing code on docReady event - button.presence = "invisible"



satyai55913910 21-08-2015

Thanks a lot for immediate reply.Can you help me little bit more.As I am new to ADOBE development - Please help me how to1. create the script object2. how and where to place the function3. Where and how we call the function4. Then email the form to the recipients.



Hi there,

to be able to do something like this you will need to create a script object preferably to have a function,

the goal is to browse through the form to search for each fields in the form and set their access property to readOnly

so the function need to be a recursive method which will search through each subforms / pages in your PDF

So in LiveCycle Designer, you will need to modify the Submit button to send an email using the properties wanted,

but before sending the email you will need to call this function

and a way to send an email using an address filled within the form, you use this link for reference

Hope this help!