How do I change an objects value type depending on a Y/N Radio button?



I have the following code behind some Radio Buttons:


Form1645.Page3.TeeCrossSubform.TeeCross::exit - (JavaScript, client)

if Page3.TeeCrossSubform.TeeCross.rawValue = "N" {

    xfa.Page3.TeeCrossSubform.Disruptfield.access = "open";

    xfa.Page3.TeeCrossSubform.TeeCrossCC.access = "protected";


else {

    xfa.Page3.TeeCrossSubform.Disruptfield.access = "protected";

    xfa.Page3.TeeCrossSubform.TeeCrossCC.access = "open";



NOTE: I based this code on the following information (which may be wrong but I found nothing else on the subject):

No matter which radio button is selected (Y or N) the fields are all "open" or "unprotected".

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi again radzmar!

What if i want to restrict user from using the arrow keys within radio button??

I have 3 options in on radio group where the 2nd and 3rd options are protected. Ofcourse tab order does not work there but when the focus is on the first option, i am still able to move to the next options (2nd and 3rd) with arrow keys and they get selected despite them being "protected".

This happens only when i use arrow key and now while using mouse!

Please help!


Radhika Magaji