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Help with Drop Down List (list items text)


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I hope someone can help me with this. It shoud be pretty easy for most of you out there but for me not so much as I have no real scripting experience. I have created a form in LiveCycle Designer 8. Everything is ready to go but my boss noticed something that she doesn't like. When every you click on the drop down arrow to reveal the list items in the drop down list they are off a bit from the highlighted blue bar. They each are stuck right at the top of the blue highlight bar.

They are centered just fine with my box and my caption so that is not the problem. My problem is trying to get the List Items Text to be in the middle of the default blue highlighted area instead of stuck at the top of it. Is there a way that you can move this text up or down just a little bit? I've included a small image of what I'm talking about in hopes it will help explain better what I'm talking about.



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I don't think you can change this behaviour. Apart from Acrobat/Reader, dropdowns on some website have this behaviour as well.

Paragraph tools only affect the positioning of the choice in the object box after selection.

I think you are stuck with it,



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Thanks for the response. I kind of figured I was going to be stuck with. I did quite a bit of research and pretty much came to the same conclusion. It's a cosmetic issue only anyway. I was just hoping someone might have some code that I could paste or type in there to move it down. Thanks again for the response.