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Header not repeating in every page - Subform Table


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Hi, I am working for SAP adobe forms. I have an issue where i cannot make the header repeat on every page. I referred to many thread on this forum as well as SAP and followed the steps mentioned, but unable to get it to repeat. Details are as below :

1. Created a subform with accessibility as 'Header Row', named it as  "Header" . It is 'Positioned' .

2. Created a subform for items -In accesibility i have maintained "Body Row" this subform inturn has another subform and a table as it has some nested data to be displayed. Content is 'Flowed' . Overflow Leader -> "Header"

3. Wrapped the above 2 subforms in a main subform  and changed the accessibility to 'Table'

Attached is the screenshots for properties of Table subform and body subform.

The form does not repeat the header from page 2 onwards even after these settings. Please let me know if i'm missing some setting.



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