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Form Designer - Hard to find the correct information


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I am interested in designing forms for my class to use. I am unsure yet if these would be pdf forms or html5 forms - but assuming for a moment they are pdf forms.

I would like to design the forms, and have the students access the forms with their tablet devices, fill them in, and then save their completed pdf forms (or have them emailed back to me).

I seem to be overly struggling to find any information - to the point of losing faith in Adobe altogether.

I cannot even seem to find what the appropriate application is called. You used to be able to do this with Acrobat Professional - but now they seem to have removed this functionality?

Is the product I am looking for called LiveCycle, or is it Adobe Experience Manager? is it LiveCycle Design ES4? Adobe Designer 6.0?

How much is it?

Can I get a trial?

I am losing faith because if I cannot even find out what it is called then how much can I rely upon it?

Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 4  - clicking this link from this page ( Adobe LiveCycle Designer  )

says that I should be able to download a tryout version but the link automatically reverts to page Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 4

where there is no tryout link. On this page there is a contact us button which doesnt work - I cannot understand how a company of Adobes size and experience cannot even make a contact us button work. (maybe it works for others - but for me it redirects me to a regional adobe homepage)

It seems very unprofessional - can someone please help me with these questions.

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I agree that clarification from Adobe would be helpful, as far as I know, LiveCycle Designer is still sold as a standalone product. Some version of designer were bundled with Acrobat. Starting with Acrobat XI, Designer was removed in favor of FormsCentral, which was removed with Acrobat DC, with no replacement. AEM Forms is the successor to the LiveCycle Server product, and has its own (newer) version of Adobe Designer. This version can be downloaded from the Adobe - LiveCycle Developer Center​ (scroll down to the bottom right).