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Having issues with created PDFs requiring Japanese language font pack when they should not


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Last week, I created 3 forms for someone. They wanted a fourth, so I put that together today, but halfway through making it, my Livecycle crashed and refused to load up again (I have NO idea why...), so I reinstalled it. I went on to finish making the form, but for some reason, even though the language settings is set to English and not viewer's default locale, the form requires a Japanese font pack. My computer is set to Japanese locale, but with the default language set to English, it should bypass this. The oddest thing is that one of the 3 forms that I already created and sent to them (and worked fine!!!), now also asks me for Japanese language font packs. What the heck is going on?

The forms use nothing other than Myriad Pro, which is set to be embedded. My Acrobat opens them all just fine and shows font properties correctly, but my Reader dies and asks for Japanese font packs. Please help, thank you!


This is a link to one of the 2 forms that is giving me trouble. It's simple, and was already created before my Acrobat reinstall, yet is now asking for Japanese fonts...

Edit: Forms were created using Livecycle Designer ES 2.5. I'm testing with Acrobat X and Reader X.

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I gave this a try on a system with Acrobat Pro and Reader 10.1.1 on a 64-bit windows 7 system and did not have any issues.

Can you be more specific about your operating environment? Also, is this issue isolated to your current machine, or can you replicate it on others. Reproducability is the key at this point. 

I will note that a look at the fonts list in Acrobat shows just Myriad. But also remember that embedded fonts are not used for fillable text fields. That goes back to the system-level default font (exactly how this is picked I am unclear), but it may be another part of the puzzle.

I'll also note that your issue seems related to http://forums.adobe.com/message/3500433#3500433 and http://forums.adobe.com/message/3601359#3601359 , both of which are unresolved. [These showed up in the "more like this" box in the web-based forums since we upgraded to the new version... pretty cool.


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Thanks for your reply!

Ok, the form I linked, I actually only tested on my own machine, but had the Japanese font error so I assumed it held true for the new one as well. Here is the one I made today that has been tested on 4 computers (list below): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1910267/treatment_notes.pdf

These are the computers it was tested on:

My own computer (Windows 7, format/location set to English/US, default non-Unicode language Japanese, System Locale Japan) - pops up error in Reader X, but not Acrobat Pro X

These 3 computers are all set to complete English/US and do not have Acrobat:

The recipient's computer (not sure what OS, likely Reader X, no other languages installed) - popped up the error asking for Japanese fonts

My mother's computer (XP, Reader 9, I know it has Chinese installed, but I don't think it has Japanese) - no errors

My brother's computer (Vista, Reader 9, no other languages installed) - popped up the Japanese font error

And just for fun I tried on the HP Touchpad (Reader 10.3), but it just gives that error that it can't display the contents of the pdf. I think the WebOS port of Reader either is horribly incomplete somehow, or otherwise I have no idea.

I noticed the similar threads, but since they are unanswered, I thought I'd try again and see if I could get an answer. I've got my hands in the air at this point...


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I've seen this happen before using characters from the extended character set, last time I had it happen it was because of em spaces (U+2003). So check if you are using any odd characters.

I tried opening both of your pdfs but didn't experience the problem.


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I just have no idea what's going on then. How can I have this error on nearly every machine I try it on, yet not have people run into the same problem as me? My Adobe Reader is a fresh Typical install that I installed only yesterday to test, so nothing has been set at all. I'm assuming half the other computers are the same. Perhaps either of you have the font pack installed already?

These forms are designed for Reader, obviously.


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Not sure what the problem is.

I tried them in Acrobat 9 (not sure if it has the font pack installed - can't remember) and Reader 8 (which is a clean install I run in a VM for testing).


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Acrobat doesn't have the font packs. As far as I know they're only for display purposes in Reader, though I could be wrong.

I guess my final option is just to recommend that they install the font pack. I see no other way around it if my Livecycle is going to be stupid and change things in the background that I can't find.

Thanks for your time.