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Has anyone else had trouble getting the LC upgrade after upgrading from Adobe Pro 9 to Adobe Pro XI?


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I recently had a hard drive crash and the help desk had to replace my hard drive. As a result they upgraded me from Adobe Pro 9 to Adobe Pro XI. Afterwards, I found that I couldn't do any edits to my LC forms which we use almost exclusively in my dept. It was then that I found out that LC had been unbundled from Adobe Pro was now a standalone product and that I would need to get the upgrade. I contacted our helpdesk and provided them the link to request the upgrade for LC and after much run-around with Adobe they came back to me and told me I had to request it myself. I initiated the request myself for the upgrade, unknowingly I provided my serial number for Pro XI, so they immediately denied my request for the upgrade. So I request the Pro 9 serial no from my previous installation from my helpdesk and sent that on the ticket. I didn't hear anything for a week. Then I get a message last night that matched the first response that since I hadn't upgraded my Pro product I couldn't get the upgrade. So I re-opened the ticket and pointed out where I provided the Pro 9 serial no and noticed there was an additional entry (supposedly done by me-the customer) that restated the Adobe XI serial no at 1:30 a.m. on a previous night when I wasn't even in the office. So I'm guessing that is was they based it off of.

But, even more frustrating is that throughout the tickets they discuss this mysterious live chat support option that I can't find anyone in support other than references to it. But, nowhere can I initiate a chat conversation and no phone number for tech support. We have forms that need updating and I'm starting to look pretty foolish to my team and department. I convinced them that going to live forms was a great option and now that we are dependent on them I can't fix or edit them when we have changes. Any ideas on how to get a live person on the phone to process the upgrade so that I can move forward? We are pretty much dead in the water with our forms until I can the upgrade.

Has anyone else had this much trouble? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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your words sound like me - we have all our forms created in LC and do not know what to do.

we cannot upgrade our forms either. I have LC on y laptop - have lost the original disk or it is only on my laptop and that is the only way to make changes.

Now my lap top has crashed and have lost the program completely

i too have called and emailed with no responses.