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Getting the name of the master page being applied to the current page at runtime.


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Hi There,

I have 3 master pages that are going to be applied to 3 pages respectively. They all reference the same header fragments and footer fragment

I need to populate the data on the fragment, by overriding it according to the master page being applied to it.

Please also note that the first master page is being applied onto a dynamic form. The other two pages are then generated based on the  options selected in page 1.

The generation works fine.

However I cant seem to output the name of the applied master page, using java script. I also tried using

app.activedocuments etc. it returns empty for me, so i didn't continue the code further

Is there a way to output the name of the applied master page?

Somebody..Anybody out there, please help me

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The Forum Lounge is not for technical help, please provide the name of the program you are using so your message may be moved to the correct program forum


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Yes, I am using Live Cycle Designer, Nancy i had a look at the link provided.

I am not struggling with setting up my master pages, for example in my pagination settings.

I just want to find a way to output the master page being applied to a  page, using java script, so that i can put constraints based on that.

@ John I am using the adobe live cycle designer


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