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Fragment question today


Level 4

Good afternoon,

im playing around with fragments and i though i was understanding the concept just fine until i decided to build a Fiscal Year (FY) fragment.

My idea was to build a FY frag that i could attach to all my 250 forms and once a year, update the fragment file with the new year and voila, all my 250 forms now reflect that change.

Is this how fragments really work? im on a corporate network and when i was testing this this morning it was working, but not on my users machine. I just now see that on my machine the only reason it works is because i do a PDF preview from within Livecycle Designer and that seams to be enuff to get it to sync with my fragment.

When i test with my users, the only thing they have is the file with the fragment inside it and they open it using Reader X. But when they do, the changes to the FY frag dont show up, it just stay the same.

Now when i test it on my machine using Reader 10 and not Livecycle Designer, i also see that the FY doesnt get updated.

So my questions iare, am I using the fragment properly and what im I missing for this to work at all?

thank you again for the help

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Level 7

Changes to fragments will not automatically update PDFs distributed to end users. In order to make the fragment changes take effect, you need to reopen each template in designer, resave it as a PDF and redistrubtue it to end users.


Level 4

thank you very much for your reply jnicholas.

Does anyone have a way to progrmatically calculate the Fiscal Year?

I think i would like to come up with a FY dropdown that can know when it's time to add a new Fiscal Year. Just not sure of the code necesserry to make this happen.

Anyone know??

Thx again