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FormCalc calculations for dynamic table with expanding columns


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Hi All,

I have a form that I'm building where the table expands by columns and not rows. I have the instances set up and the columns are added or removed by the user with no problems. What I want to do is have a column that subtitles each row. I know how to do subtotals when I'm working with tables that expand by rows, but the FormCalc doesn't translate to the column.

I used this as a reference to build the expanding columns: http://forms.stefcameron.com/2006/10/28/scripting-table-columns/

All the cells for the dynamic column are set up as subforms (ColX). Then the numeric fields are added to the subform. Add/Delete column buttons scripting:





Table1.Row3._ColX.addInstance(0); //...etc. for as many rows as needed


var nCount = Table1.HeaderRow._ColX.count;

if (nCount > 1)


Table1.HeaderRow._ColX.removeInstance(nCount - 1);

Table1.Row1._ColX.removeInstance(nCount - 1);

Table1.Row2._ColX.removeInstance(nCount - 1); //...etc. for as many rows as needed


What I need the table to do is this:

Numeric FieldNumeric Field (+/-)Subtotal
AB...Z (multiple columns)A + (B...Z)

I've tried some variation of the following with every combination of [*] thrown in there.

$.rawValue =  Sum(Row#.ColX.Cell# + Row#.Cell1)

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I've got the row subtotal to work

$.rawValue =  Sum(Sum(Row3[*].ColX[*].Cell4[*]) + Row3.Cell3)

Still need a formula that totals the column when it is one of the dynamically created ones.

I tried this:

$.rawValue =  Sum(Row3[*].ColX[*].Cell4[*]...Row19[*].ColX[*].Cell4[*])


$.rawValue =  Sum(Row3.ColX[*].Cell4[*]...Row19.ColX[*].Cell4[*])

They don't work.


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Assuming you have a standard install, there is a sample in the Aodbe folder which might help. Bring it into Livecycle and look at the code.

Have a look here: (your acrobat version might be a different number

C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Designer 9.0\EN\Samples\Forms\Purchase Order\Dynamic Interactive\Forms


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Hi MinusZero,

Sadly, I didn't find anything that translates to the column instance creation. It does give me some solutions for future things I want to do with this form. Just doesn't cause the sum calculation work for created columns. Thanks though!