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findGroupMembers Throws NPE in ES2


Level 1

I have been experimenting with the findGroupMembers operation, and have not had any luck.

To re-create the problem:

1) start a new process

2) Define a variable of type Group

3) Drop a Find Group operation from the Foundation category on the pallette (set as start point if necessary)

4) No input variables are required, but you can set some up if you like

5) Insert your Group variable into Result -> Group

6) Drop a findGroupMembers operation from the Foundation catagory on the pallette

7) Insert your Group variable into Input -> Group

8) connect Find Group to findGroupMembers

9) Invoke

10) Kablooie

Can anyone confirm that they are seeing the same thing?


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Level 10

This looks like a bug. I get the same results.

We should never get a Null Pointer Exception.

Please log it with support.