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Expandable table


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‌The expnadable table works. I have the header row going to each page and the text  below the table flows to to the next page. My problem is that when the text flows to the second page, only the header row of the table is on the first page and the second page contains the data. How do I keep the text I I putted on the first page and the overflow goes on the second page.

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Hi Wynnyne,

Sorry, I don't know the answer, to your question but I am trying to find out the exact same thing. How did you get to automatically create a second page and clone the header? I just asked that and hope that with a bit of help from the adobe folks, we can work on a solution...



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Have you got "Allow page breaks within content" checked on the row, it's off by default. 

Lisa: If the table is in a flowed container then the header object pagination tab contains a "Include Header Row in Subsequent Pages" checkbox.