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Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4 issue - expanded fields overlay the fields below, want to have expanded fields without overlaying fields below, subforms are set for Flowed and allow page breaks within content, layout is expand to fit.  Need to have expanded fields without overlaying the remaining fields

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In order for the subsequent subforms to move down on the page to accommodate a "flowed" subform above, the parent subform of THAT subform, must be set to "flowed" which means that the subform titled (untitled subform (page 1)) must be set to flowed in order for any other subforms on the page or in the document for that matter, to flow. No matter how many subforms you have or how many pages you end up having, if that page 1 subform is not set to flowed, nothing on the page will flow without stepping all over the subforms beneath it.

So if you have already created your form, you will need to wrap the objects on your form into subforms. Any sections that you don't want the content inside the subform to move from how you have done your layout, will need to be wrapped in a "positioned" subform BEFORE you set the page 1 subform to "flowed" or everything will shift to the left hand margin.

Once you have it all neatly packaged into subforms, then set the "untitle subform (page1)" to flowed and the page should work how you wanted it to work.

This was so hard for me to understand in the beginning but just follow the parentage of the subform that you want to flow up thru the hierarchy tracing each parent subform above it, and you'll always end up at the highest subform (untitled subform (page 1)) which will have to be set to flowed. You can have positioned subforms between the page 1 subform and the one you are trying to make flow, and positioned subforms below that flowed subform but if page 1 ain't "flowed" no one is going to move on the page.

And selecting where a break in the content would be best for the user of the form will determine how the pages will flow. If you have a subform where all the fields need to stay together to make sense, then wrap them all in a subform and deselect "allow breaks within content". This will cause that subform to jump to the top of the next page if it must all stay together.  If you notice big white spaces at the bottom of each page, then allowing some subforms to "break"  and maybe some blocks of text to break, will fill that space as best it can.You'll have to try a couple things to get it to work the way you need it to.

Hope this helps.

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