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Errors when attempting to extend features in Acrobat Pro


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I just created a form using LiveCycle Designer ES4.  When I save the form, then go and open it in Acrobat 9 Pro to extend features (for the sake of being able to enter information and save the form), I receive numerous error messages - all the same - "Unrecognized namespace XFA 3.3, defaulting to XFA 2.8".  What causes this error, and how can I fix my form so I don't receive it when extending features in Acrobat Pro 9?

This is the first form I created in ES4.  I previously used Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2 and this error never occurred.


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Level 10

This is because your form was created in ES4 which uses the XFA template version 3.3.

Acrobat 9 is a couple of years older than this XFA version so it simply doesn't know it.

You have to set the forms target version to Acrobat 9 so the forms uses a suitable XFA version.

Note: In older XFA versions you cannot use all of the features Designer ES4 provides.