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Entering Zero in Numeric Fields


Level 4

Can someone please help me as to how to format a numeric field to

enter '0'.

e.g. a client enters 0122

How do I format the diplayed text to be 0122.

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Level 4

That works but if the client wants to enter a longer number say 0121587, is comes up with 121,587.  How do I format this with no commas and with the 0 at the beginning.


Level 10

To get rid of the separators have to select "integer" for the fields format (see binding palette).

How long are the numbers a user can enter to the field?

A pattern can only match one case.

So num{9999999} will display 121587 as 0121587 and 123 as 0000123.

If you want a leading zero to every entry then you will need scripting.