Emoji symbol shown correctly only in Adobe products



Hi all,

Being new to LiveCycle, I am trying to produce my very first dynamic PDF with this product. I have a table cell which contains a button. And the caption for that button is    character (see here for detail). The font being installed and used for this caption is called Segoe UI Symbol

Now the problem is, this paperclip character is only shown correctly in Adobe products e.g. Acrobat Reader. Whereas I would like to have my PDF be independent to what application the client is using.

Here is how my PDF is shown in Acrobat Reader DC:


Here is !how my PDF is shown in PDF-Xchange Editor (for instance as a non-Adobe product):


Is there any workaround for this issue? Or the PDF forms produced by LiveCycle MUST be used with Adobe products only?

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I have had little success with using Designer forms with anything other than Adobe Reader/Acrobat, especially dynamic ones.  But, are you embedding the font in your form?


But I guess if you are going to embed a whole font, you might as well use an image.