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Hi,  I would like to submit a PDF form created with Live cycle designer ES2,


I have set up the email creation & this is working well.  One issue is I would like to be able to rename the attachment (the form) to a value for the form itself, at the moment the form is attaching a copy of the default form.


I do not want to have to save the form as copy  “save As” as this reduces the point of the email submission.


Does anyone know a way to do this, it would be a great help.



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FYI: Renaming the attachment is impossible with Adobe mail and/or submit controls. However; if you set the submit button to point to a server-side script such as ASP.net or PHP, the script may be able to parse the submission data (Static XFA only/ASP.net) and rename the attachment based on the form field values. Is your PDF a static LiveCycle XFA form or a dynamic LiveCycle XFA form?

Visit the following website for online examples that inject submission values into the attachment: