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Dynamic Images based on textfield values


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Im using the latest version of livecycle.

My project is essentially creating a pdf that allows reps to just type in model numbers into a TEXTFIELD and based on the that will populate an image along with a description of what the product is based on the url's H1 tag within source code (More explanation below)

1st box is a TEXTFIELD

For this box people will be typing in 7 digit model numbers of products

2nd is an IMAGE that needs to be dynamic & have the source href based on what was entered in the TEXTFIELD

Problem is the structure would be http://mywebsite.com/products/[TEXTFIELD].jpg

***example 1 : if a user types in 1234567 in TEXTFIELD , then the image should be sourced from


Also the next crucial part is being able to pull out the data from an H1 tag from a URL's source

So if I were to go to a product page [http://mywebsite.com/productid?=1234567]

the product description is placed in a <h1> tag

I will have to have at least a few rows of these fields so that a rep can just type in the model numbers while the image popup accordingly

If anyone could please help me out with this I would be forever in your debt.

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