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Does Livecyle Designer come with Acrobat 9?


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I have been using Acrobat Pro 8 and Livecycle Designer. I'm have made over 100 forms using Livecycle Designer. I need to update to Acrobat 9 (as part of Design Suite) right away. Will Livecycle Designer be there with Acrobat 9? How will I edit all of my files? I'll be installing 9 on separate computer from Acrobat 8. Will I get Livecyle Designer?


Also, the only reason I need to update (immediately) is because for some unknown reason Acrobat 8 won't let me Rights Usage Enable files anymore. It has just stopped working. I get the message "This document cannot be rights enabled" with every document! I haven't had any help from support so if anyone has any clue why Rights Usage Enabling would all of a sudden stop working in Acrobat, please let me know! (no it's not license related...support did tell me that).

Thanks for any advice.

Last question.

Is there some difference between Acrobat X and Acrobat 9? The adobe website is very confusing, never mentioning Acrobat 9. Very cryptic selling strategy.

Thanks again. 

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Acrobat X (X means 10) is the newest version of Acrobat, so Acrobat 9 will no longer be offered by Adobe.

So I suggest to update to Acrobat X now instead of 9.

It will include LiveCycle Designer ES2.


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Yay, this is great to know! I feel relieved. I will be upgrading to Creative Suite Design Premium (Educational edition) which seems to be the most economical way for me to upgrade all of my Adobe software. Very glad to find that Livecycle Designer will be in the package (though it doesn't say that anywhere).

Thanks for the reply!


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One word of caution. LC Designer does not come with the Mac edition of Acrobat. Basically because LC Designer only runs on Windows. So if purchasing a Windows edition of Acrobat you should be OK.

Good luck,