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Distribute fillable pdf without Submit Button


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I have created a pdf form in Live Cycle. When I go to distribute it (so it will be fillable/saveable) it include a "Submit Button" which is used to email/upload the document to a server. The button is located in the purple heading on Adobe Reader.

I do not want this and need to remove it. I do not need to email this document through this method nor upload it to a server.

I know this can be done as I have done it before but it has been over a year. I removed it previously and it had something to do with your Adove identity and had to "trick" Adobe to not pull your domain email address. I vaguely remember it was a setting for ghost/anonymous setting or something to that effect.

Can anyone help me? I just want to distribute a fillable form without being able to submit it through a button on the forum.

I have Adobe Pro 9 and Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2.

Thank you!

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If you do a search for Document Message Bar on this forum, you will find plenty of discussions on it.

When you distribute a form it is taking the email address that is associated with Acrobat. So if edit this in Acrobat preferences, it may help:




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Thank you for the reply Niall. I tried that and it didn't work. However, I have figured out how to create a fillable form without the "Submit Button" in the Document Message Bar.

1. Create form in LiveCycle, save form and close LC

2. Open form in Adobe Pro

3. Select "Advanced" in the menu options

4. Select "Extend Features in Adobe Reader"

5. Save fillable pdf.

Now the pdf can be opened in reader, be fillable/saveable and does not contain the Submit Button.


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Keep in mind that Reader Extending a document comes with restrictions via the terms of service. You can only Reader Extend a document that will be filled in by no more than 500 distinct users OR where the data will not be collected/used from more than 500 filled in instances of the form..

- Scott